Add your National Flag to your profile

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Add your National Flag to your profile

Postby admin » Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:37 pm

I am pleased to announce that you can now add your national flag to your profile.

To add your national flag to your profile:
1) Click on the User Control Panel link (located in the left corner of the second light blue bar under the header image);
2) Click on the Profile tab on the User Control Panel page;
3) Scroll down the page until you see National Flag. Click the arrow on the drop down box and scroll through the list until you see the name of your country. Click the country name to select your national flag.
4) Click on the submit button to finalize your selection.

Once you have selected your national flag using the instructions above, it will display in the following areas:
- in your profile info next to your posts; and
- on your profile page (page that is displayed when persons click on your username).

Also, if your national flag is one of the top five (5) on the forum, it will display on the index/home page of the forum.

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